Blackjack is the most popular casino table game in America. The game dates back to our frontier days. The object is to get as close to 21 without “busting” or going over, and still beat the dealer’s total. If you want to play like the pros, learn what is called “Basic Strategy”, or ask an MVP Casino Parties dealer.

Craps is one of the most exciting casino table games. In casinos, you often hear players cheering for their favorite numbers. You can bet for or against the roller. Craps can be intimidating to new players, so MVP Casino Parties dealers take the time to explain all the rules to your group

Poker playing is  a great idea  and adding a poker table to your casino party will please your group. Either way your guests will be dawning their best poker faces as they face off against each other in America’s new favorite past time.

Texas Hold’em has taken the country by storm. It is the most popular poker game. Why not have a complete World Series of Poker style Hold’em Tournament right at your fingertips.

Mini Baccarat is considered the most popular version of baccarat played today, with its lower betting limits and faster game play.  Considered the simplest of all casino table games, baccarat is very similar to its casino neighbor blackjack 

Roulette is a game where you place bets on numbers, combinations of numbers, or colors on a grid like layout. A small ball is spun on a wheel with 38 numbers. The ball eventually drops into a slot, selecting a number and color. Roulette is very popular in Europe and has continued to be a staple in American casinos. 

Money Machines whirlwind your money, 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s and up and surprises galore. Use play money, real bills or create your own giveaway certificates. Guests can easily meet the challenge and have loads of fun. 

Bingo spells fun.  FUN for all ages. Our set up is electronic and comes with easy tabbed playing sheets, Your guests can play bingo while they are on the slots, and enjoying  some of the other events.  Use it as a separate event or add it to the main event and  have lots of winners. This game can be adapted in so many ways. Ask your MVP Casino Parties coordinator for other ideas.  A great opportunity to please the crowd.

Slot Machines Can’t you just hear the excitement of the reels spinning, the coins clanging into the tray, the bells and whistles of casino style slot machines? We feature a variety of games and your guests use the tokens provided and win the jackpots when the payoff colored tokens drop out. You provide the prizes and add to the fun.

 Money Wheels Choose from four types and spin the fun with the popular dice wheel, exciting number wheel, realistic dollar wheel and a competitive football team wheel with 12 team logos.  Either way your guests will holler and shout for their choices.

Night at the Races   
Audience Participation!
Winners Awarded Prizes!
Fun and Entertaining for Everyone!

Our NIGHT AT THE RACES is fast and furious and designed to create an exciting audience-participation event with fun and thrills for everyone. Simply because EVERYONE but EVERYONE gets involved in the ACTION! What’s more, our games may be run as the main event or even used as a fund-raiser and it’s great to combine these race nights with food events from a beef and beer to a formal dinner, or even  with dancing and many other types of entertainment.

  Oh, What a Night!!! 
Here is how MVP Casino Parties do it; We will set up the room with a projector and a screen over 100 inches wide, with two monitors on the side. We broadcast the races like OTB (off track betting) We also can set-up the room for the cashier and ticket seller.

Everyone, without exception, will want to participate. Night at the races is a stimulating, interesting and enjoyable social activity that involves everyone in the audience. Your guests wager, watch, cheer their entries and hopefully, pick up their winnings. What could be easier?  All races are in glorious color and feature calls by today’s top-rated announcers. MVP Casino Parties bring the thrill of the racetrack to your event?Also, among the many and varied methods of play are Past Performance Kits with Official Track Programs that contain true and authentic statistics on entries so that participants can test their ability to handicap races. There is no other complete valid and actual statistical data on each entry in every race with Past Performance formats.

Handicap your chances just like the pros. You’ll know such information as the day and month each entry has run in several prior outings, the track raced on, time of winner, track condition, weight carried, post position, speed rating, sex, age, color, the win/place/show record among other vital and important data

Game Shows
Using either our standard pop culture and trivia questions or customized questions based on your guest of honor. Our primary game show systems consists of four team positions with up to two players on each team. The front of the player positions are functional, pleasing to the eye and feature backlit panels at each of the four player positions. During game play, the lights in the front of the unit sequentially chase, which looks great and adds to the excitement of play. When a player is the first to lockout (also known as buzz-in), by pushing the heavy duty arcade type button, the backlit panel is illuminated on the front of that player’s position. A “ding” sound is produced for amplification the microphone for that player is turned on. After a question is asked, when a player knows the answer, he or she presses their button. This will stop the chasing lights, sound a “ding”, enable their microphone, and allow only that person to answer the question. If they give the correct answer, a “dant-da-da-dah” will sound and they get points. If they answer wrong, a “buzz” will sound. Of course, our emcee makes encouraging comments regardless and we add additional sound effects to enhance the show. Stage lights, a sound system, and a backdrop can help enhance the Hollywood look. Our digital Scorekeeping increments by ten from zero to ninety. Great new idea!

America has praised Jeopardy! as a wonderful motivational tool. Now, in cooperation with the producers of the award-winning quiz show, Mobile Jeopardy! brings 100% of the lights, sounds, and action of the TV show to your next event! From the excitement of the Daily Double to the famous strains of the Jeopardy Game Shows
Deal or No Deal  Howie says. What’s in that case! You can create your own Howie style fun with our set up for your event. 
BEAT THE ClockCan you remember when! Can you answer the questions and beat that clock. We have buzzers, bells and whistles.  Oh yes!  and of course questions. We can customize the game to include some interesting facts about the quest of honor, or your quests, and test everyone’s everyday knowledge. 

Arcade Games

Many selections from our array of popular arcade games including darts, pool tables, table tennis, air hockey, rod hockey, bowling, and shuffleboard. Select these games and you will keep your guests entertained

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